Defined as Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Performance Based Solutions

Energy Assurance’s High Performance Building Services gives owners of existing commercial buildings control over construction processes necessary to ensure short, medium, and long term savings, while meeting its existing sustainability goals.  Our team designs and constructs passive-first, low-energy buildings to reach EUI performance based energy goals.

Energy Assurance’s, Craig Stevenson, LEED BD+C, PHIUS CPHC, created an Energy Assurance Program focusing on three deliverables; Control, Cost, and Sustainability.


Owners maintain control of their costs and have the ability to make sound financial business decisions.  Owners receive financial accountability and energy use validation for its sustainability decisions.

Are you controlling your building or is your building controlling you?


Sustainability for the built environment has evolved past prescriptive design solutions and simple energy retrofit measures.  Technology and processes exist today for owners to plan future construction projects to meet predicable EUI rates for predetermined costs.  We collaborate with an integrated performance driven construction team to design, construction, and operate High Performance Buildings which meet predicted financial payback models.

Renewables alone don’t solve the fundamental problems of commercial office buildings.  Low hanging fruit grows back.


Building on the successes of existing prescriptive-based sustainability programs, we reinvent sustainability.  True sustainability in the built environment defines and measures the energy that buildings consume.  James Construction introduces next evolution of sustainability EUI performance based contracting.

Building solution methodology:  Passive First | Active Second | Renewables Last

Every commercial building has a low energy solution.
Do you know your building’s low energy solution?