Craig E. Stevenson is awarded Certified Passive House Consultant designation


James Construction proudly announces Passive House Institute US awards the designation of Certified Passive House Consultant to Craig E. Stevenson, LEED AP, CPHC®.

CPHC® certification attests to the Consultant’s ability to skillfully balance energy and design of envelope, mechanical and other building systems to execute buildings that meet the criteria of the Passive House Building Energy Standard for North American climate zones. Buildings designed, modeled and constructed to meet the Passive House Building Energy Standard are ultra-efficient and characterized by superior indoor air quality, thermal comfort and durability. The minimized energy demands of Passive House buildings reduce building operating costs permanently, while also mitigating the impact of energy price increases over time.

James Construction has long practiced high performance building principles and is enthusiastically pursuing implementation of Passive House Energy Standards for commercial buildings to achieve maximum sustainability for our clients’ investments.

James is proud to be a member of the Passive House Alliance US.