AIA Pittsburgh’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) is introducing the AIA +2030™ Professional Series 2.0

aia2030_logo_tm_web2AIA Pittsburgh’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) is introducing the AIA +2030™ Professional Series 2.0. This program helps owners, design professionals, engineers, and contractors create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of the Architecture 2030 Challenge®. Ten, 4-hour sessions offer strategies to seek, design, deliver, and manage buildings that reach 70% or better reductions in fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, giving design professionals, contractors, and owners the knowledge and leverage to demand and create next-generation, super-efficient buildings – and providing firms with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace.

With 2.0, COTE builds from our highly successful 2013-14 series by incorporating a broader pool of speakers, more local case studies, and in depth tours of high-performing built projects. Content derived from the GBA 2030 Districts and Architecture 2030 videos will deepen the programming. The series will also dive deep into the significant changes the industry has seen in the last few years such as the use of analytical software to predict building energy performance. The updated program will strike a rich balance between new construction and renovation, residential and commercial, theoretical and completed, and urban and rural project types.

For more information click here, also please make sure to take a brief 8 question survey that will help tailor the classes to the participants specific goals and interests by clicking here.

Craig Stevenson has been proud to serve on the AIA+2030 Committee On The Environment for the last two years.